Grasshopper | remastered

TRACKLISTING00:00 Mysterious Note 02:35 Aura 04:09 Contact 06:44 Echoes of Love 09:21 Where’s Your 6th Sense 11:57 Boy Genius 13:16 Head in the Clouds 16:10 Approach & Identify With love to Rosko John, Jack Curtis, and Princess Aura #KungFu, #DavidCarradine,…

Love And Death – production

A few words from Gary Levermore (Red Dand PR) about the album we created for H2SO4. It came out well:‘Love & Death’ explores the more poetic and visionary aspects of the quartet’s world view, romantic and futuristic and reflecting the…

Excerpt from CODE's 'Origin' video

Origin remix

All species change over time societies can and should evolve over much less time. We explored the concept in the thumping ‘Origin’ remix for C O D E ‘s new album ‘Ghost Ship‘. Early copies of the Bombay Monkey mix…

Monkey head threads

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