Origin remix

Excerpt from CODE's 'Origin' video

All species change over time societies can and should evolve over much less time. We explored the concept in the thumping ‘Origin’ remix for C O D E ‘s new album ‘Ghost Ship‘.

Early copies of the Bombay Monkey mix of ‘Origin’ will be free to anyone on the LO-TEK mailing list and opens the album

CODE Origin video 1
Excerpt of ‘Origin’ video

Release Magazine 8/10

“…the songs are products of their time, yet they sound fresh… I would really love to hear what they can do now.” Johan Carlson

“…listening to this lost gem is like being transported in time to how I felt as my ears were being opened up to dance music most fully, the decisions I made while flicking through racks and racks of otherwise faceless white labels…”

The Electricity Club review
The crisp dynamic production of ‘Ghost Ship’ cannot be faulted and captures a presence that can often be missing from a lot of modern electronic music…”

Side Line Magazine Review 8/10
“…sophisticated, but always accessible featuring beautiful synth sounds, subtle bleeps and dreamy astral sound arrangements”

ALTvenger review
The album as a whole just sounds great. It has a really nice sound of 90’s electronica, ambient, breakbeat and techno. Something I haven’t heard in a really long time, and it’s a welcome hit of nostalgia without sounding like it’s just a remade throwback. It actually takes me back to the golden age of video game soundtracks…”
Electronic Sound
Like Orbital, Leftfield or Underworld but the diversity and quality of the musical palette on Ghost Ship defies easy categorisation…”


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